Founded 1955
Bishop Louis Levesque
Pastor Jean-Paul Laurin
Feast Day March 17

In Place  
Bishop vacant
Pastor Fernand Villeneuve
Population (2000) 1541
  •  P.P.C.: Mrs. Marcelle Kosowan
  •  P.F.C.: ---



Saint Patrick's Parish will be celebrating its 40th anniversary as a Parish this year!

«After years of waiting, English-speaking Roman Catholics of Kapuskasing today have their own Church, Saint Patrick's on Cedar Street, Northfield, which is just getting the finishing touches this week. The Rev. Jean-Paul Laurin, Saint Patrick's first priest, celebrated first Masses last Sunday...»

If you paid your nickel for the Thursday, July 19th, 1956, edition of THE NORTHERN TRIBUNE, this is what you would have read on the front page.

According to one of our founders, Frederick Campling, in a letter sent to Fr. Sébastien last year... «Father Laurin was sent to Kapuskasing as a missionary priest to start a new parish that was to serve the English-speaking community and all other ethnic groups that had ties to the Roman Catholic Church. At that time Immaculate Conception Church was operated by the Oblates. They allowed a small chapel to be established in the basement of their church for the use of the unnamed parish. This was in 1953. Early in 1955 the decision to build a church on property donated by Spruce Falls was made and Wally Finley and myself were part of a committee to build a new church. We spent the spring, helped by a number of other engineers at Spruce Falls, drawing the plans and specifications for the building. George Knowles was awarded the contract after competitive bids... In 1954 a meeting was held to pick a name for the church. A lot of people, including Father Laurin, thought it would be St. George's. However people thought that was too English and Mrs. McSweeney proposed Saint Patrick's, and most people related favourably to this name. Father Laurin told me years later that he had sent back Saint George's relics and exchanged them for Saint Patrick's!»

This is how we began, and now after 40 years, we have enjoyed the leadership of Father Jean-Paul Laurin, Father Grégoire Desfossés, Father Gilles Gosselin, Father Lucien Bouillon, Father Sébastien Groleau, and we presently have Father Léo Papineau with us. Our parish has undergone many changes over the years. We have changed from one altar to two tables and 6 devoted lay persons have studied and dedicated many hours to the Lay Presider program in our parish. One of the changes that would be apparent to the entire Diocese was the addition of the Frank J. Selke Memorial Resource Centre, the primary English resource centre of the Diocese. Although it is an independent organization, our parish is fortunate enough to enjoy its benefits in a special way because of its location.

Over the past year we have undergone a major renovation in our parish hall kitchen. Under the expert workmanship and guidance of Gord Price, a team of dedicated parishioners have transformed our kitchen into quite a lovely culinary workplace! What's in store ahead? With the caring atmosphere we have developed over the past 40 years we look forward to a bright future as we remain A Family in the Hand of God.

Prepared by
Elizabeth McInnis
First published in
Inter-Par: 03 - 31 - 1996

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