Richard Fortin
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Founded 1922
Bishop Joseph Hallé
Pastor Achille Cournoyer
Feast Day October 7

In Place  
Bishop vacant
Pastoral Animator Fr. Richard Fortin
Population (2000) 348
  •  P.P.C.: Mr Gerald Talbot
  •  P.F.C.: Mrs Gilberte Carrière


The parish of Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire of Gogama was founded in 1922 by Bishop Joseph Hallé, Apostolic Vicar of Northern Ontario. The first resident priest was Fr. Achille Cournoyer who served the parish until 1939. Mass was celebrated in Arthur L'Abbé's poolroom. The renovated building was used as a Church until 1947. This same year, Fr. Sylvio Nadeau built the present Church. The construction was approved by Bishop Landry of Hearst.

In the history of Gogama it is written that as early as 1849 the Oblate Fathers were visiting this region from time to time.

The building of the C.N.R. line in 1912 contributed to the development of this area. The railroad created jobs and encouraged lumber companies to come to this region. During the years 1924-1939, Gogama enjoyed a time of prosperity. The population increased to about 4 000.

In 1922, the same poolroom that was used as the church also housed classrooms. The first school built in 1924 burned in 1950. That same year the present school was built. The Sisters of the Congregation of the Holy Cross worked in the parish and the school from 1958-1988.

The Gogama parish includes Mattagami First Nations Reserve with a population of approximately 150 people, Morin Village for workers of the Gogama Forest Products Co., Shining Tree and Westree, two resort areas.

Having had a resident priest almost continually since 1922, the parish is presently experiencing a major shift primarily due to the shortage of priests. At the request of Bishop Pierre Fisette, Bishop of Hearst, two Missionary Oblate Sisters from St. Boniface accepted to become Parish Animators in August 1995. Sister Thérèse Croteau does the pastoral work at Gogama, while Sister Laurenza Lafrenière is in charge of the Mattagami Reserve, Morin Village, Shining Tree and Westree.

The Sisters' mandate is to animate the Christian life of the parish, in cooperation with the priests and the committed laity who are serving within the established councils, (Pastoral Council and Finance Committee) and to promote a deepening of faith in the parish.
The Sisters' role is to work with the faithful in order that they become empowered as baptized Christians to become responsible leaders in the growth of their Christian community.

The priest who come to Gogama for the Eucharistic Celebrations travel long distances. From Chapleau, Fr. Lucien Bouillon and Fr. Gérald Chalifoux take turns on the second Sunday of the month. They are also available for confessions, funerals and marriages and they generously give their time to meet the people. On the fourth Sunday of the month, Fr. Denis Brisson comes from Cochrane. His presence at the Christmas Midnight Mass and during the Holy Week are greatly appreciated by the parishioners and animators. The other Sundays the Sisters preside at a bilingual celebration of the Word, homily and Communion.

They also visit the schools, families, the sick and the elderly. People are very friendly and welcoming.

How good it is for sisters and brothers to live, pray, grow and celebrate together.


Préparé par S. Thérèse et S. Laurenza
Gogama, Ontario
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Inter-Par: 1996 - 01 - 07

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